RUTABAGA Skin developped for HD TV

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Rutabaga SubTitle Cleaner v1.4

The purpose of this program is to clean and adjust subtitles .SRT files and .SRT + Video files names:

- adjust number of characters per line to fit with PCH subtitle size settings or according to user settings
- truncate lines taking care of ponctuation (..., ?, !)
- take care of dialogs when line beging with "-" character
- rename lines number
- remove tags not supported by PCH (position "{ }", italic, fade, fonts,...)
- option to keep comments between characters "[ ]"
- unwanted keyword filter list :
  . remove lines when keyword present
  . possibility to add Key Words
- rename automatically subtitle SRT files. Users could modify the automatic renamed name file
- rename video files name : Remove unwanted characters and adjust Season/episode (ex: Dexter S03E10.avi). Mainly for TV series
- manually edit SRT file content
- possibility to automatically clean and renaming all directory files
- application available in French and English

Update v1.1 :
- option to keep Position tags : {\pos

Update v1.2 :
- Bug correction : subtitle display problem with large subtitle files
- Add option to keep italic Tags
Batch convert: Automatically rename and clean directory: video and subtitles files

Update v1.3 :
- Application now available in French and English
- improve file renaming but still not fully automatic for other files than series
Several improvments with subtitle lines cutting and arrangement

Update v1.4 :
- Small adjustments with subtitle lines cutting and movie file renaming
- Add option to select and display subtitles in native alphabet : <Default PC alphabet> , Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, East Europe, UFT8

Next Update v1.5 (NOT released):
- Option to remove comments between parentheses characters "( ) "
- Add Alphabet : Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamian

Download application

Rutabaga Skins for YAMJ and Music JukeBox
These skins are for HD TV.


Download latest version for YAMJ : v1.44

Check Readme to see options list and possible skins options
Notes: To display translated messages see Rutabaga-options.xsl

Release notes:

Rev 1.44
I just include the preferences.xsl missing file

Rev 1.43
Due to PCH limitations, I replaced some modifications done in the index page UI with previous 1.42 version.
I removed background image for the dynamic displayed title to improve the scrolling navigation in the index page.
- Also add a directive in the
Rutabaga-options.xsl to display or not Index background image (T_indexback)

Rev 1.42
I replaced some images. If not displayed make SOURCE key > PARAMETERS > MAINTENANCE then press FILEMODE then ENTER keys to purge files
- Several adjustments with the User Interface
- Possibility to display translated and local date in index page. See Rutabaga-options.xsl. Ex: Jeudi, 22 10 2009
- New variables to adjust skin depending on TV zoom type in Rutabaga-options.xsl (see infos in this file) : Index_Offset, Detail_Offset.
- New translated messages added
- Italian translation added, Thanks to Hispanico
- Bug correction, Problems with TV set when displaying banners in index page. Date position changed

Rev 1.40 & 1.41
- Add support for Maximum number of thumbnails per index page for TV and movies Sets ( mjb.nbTvThumbnailsPerPage, mjb.nbTvThumbnailsPerLine)
- Add support for Banner for TV series Set in Index page - See Variable T_AffBanner (true: display, false not display)
- Bug correction, Director not displayed when Variable T_detailSkin=1
- For TV SERIES: When TV_Skin= 2 and Episodes greater than 25, I automatically switche to T_SkinDetail =2 and T_SkinTV=1 for the serie page
- Add For BluRay playback on the C-200 :
- Bug correction: Thumbnails in the index page displayed as very small images
- Bug correction: Both small Thumbnails in the detail page correctly displayed
- Variable: T_AffMaxGenre, Genre Maximum string characters to display in Index top genre menu , Default=8 (Rutabaga-options.xsl)

Previous releases
- Add Clock Display in Index and detail pages. See options to activate/desactivate clock display and timezone set
- Display Certification info when  skin-certification= true in skin-options.xsl.
- Bug fixe: Detail page when TVskin=2 and only one episode, PCH stay in buffering mode.
- Bug fixe: Change code to use PNG or JPEG format for thumbnails. No more fixed to Jpeg format and use the directive.
- When DetailSkin=2, automatic switching to DetailSkin=1 for a page containing a movie (not TV show) with more than 2 part/CD files
- Playlist bug fixe for Movies (not TV show)
- Index page : Add button (Apple logo) to acces to the Internet Apple Trailers list page. Only work if PCH connected to Internet
  Page could be access via TVID 999
- Extend T_playlistlink for T_SkinTV =1
- Bug correction: Correct some problems to play ISO files
- Bug correction: Dynamic bottom title not displayed in some Index pages (happens when release date UNKNOWN)
- Force using skindetail =1 for movies with more than 2 episodes when SkinDetail=2
- Add Variable to control the way to play files in TVseries and for movies with more than 2 files (Part/CD/...)
      . T_playlistlink=true    :  Use .jsp Playlist file
      . T_playlistlink=false   :  Use direct link to the episode file
  Only works for T_SkinTV =2. I'll add this for T_SkinTV =1 for the next release
- Bug correction: Impossible to click on cast, director links when T_SkinDetail=2 and on a PC (change nothing for the PCH)
- Bug correction: Some video properties images width reduced to avoid informations displayed on a 2nd line in the Bottom Status bar
- Add Variables to define focus text and background colors (T_focuscolor, T_focustext)
- Add Variable to control Genre/alphanumerical Top menu displaying on Index Page
        T_SkinIndex2Menu=0 Both Menus Genre and letters displayed
        T_SkinIndex2Menu=1 Menu Genre Hidden and letters displayed
        T_SkinIndex2Menu=2 Menu Genre Displayed and letters Hidden
        T_SkinIndex2Menu=3 Both Menus Genre and letters Hidden
- Add a new skin for index pages with genre menu on the top. Activated by T_SkinIndex=2
- Add links for Cast, Directors and Genres in detail pages when available.
    . Need to have in the
            mjb.categories.indexList =Other,Genres,Title,Year,Library,Set,Director,Cast
    . Perhaps you need to regenerate XML files
- Bug correction in index page and variable not declare $T_TVfocus in Rutabaga-options.xsl  option file
- Add a new detail skin. See Readme. Access to the skin with T_SkinDetail=2 in Rutabaga-options.xsl option file .
Move infos Year, Country, subtitles, Trailers to the Bottom icon bar . Remove image space when noposter or when fanart exist
- Bug fix : Add Trailers when movie displayed with several parts
- Bug fix : When TV-serie and only one episode
- Add support new to the new skin-options.xsl available with YAMJ latest versions. You must have R962+ release
- Remove PlayAll button. All episode/parts play buttons automatically chain with next parts
- Add status bar bar bottom display: movie video/audio properties + rating+ subtitles  when T_SkinTV =2 and for TV-Series
- Add audio country image flag in movie properties if info available
- Add country image flag to replace movie country text
- Bug fix : Remove PLAY-button support from index page when movie file name include a " ' " character
- Add Actors list display when INFO Key pressed T_SkinTV =2 and for TV-Series
- UI adjustments and modifications
- Bug fix for T_NoposterIfFanart = true , Bad display for the 2 small thumbnails (detail page)
- Add background for Icons properties movies files (detail page)
- Add PLAY-button support from index page
- Modify episode icons bar position when T_SimpleUI =1
- Small UI position adjustments
- Add different modifications done in the YAMJ default skin :


Index Page


Artist list page


I mainly change the original skin to have more songs in the detail and list page, add icons and change the genre list.

Possibility to have different backgrounds for each pages Index, Detail (artiste/year) and Playlists pages.

Direct access to Artist, Decade or Playlist pages via a TVID key (default RED, GREEN,...) from all pages.

Direct access to your YAMJ via a TVID key (default STOP key) from all pages.

Display ON/OFF music file icon type
( , ... )

Parameters i used for my HD TV :
   Index: 8 albums 3 lines, Image size=122
   Detail : 21 songs Per page, Image size=270

- Backgrounds images (renaming files) for each Index, Detail (artist/year) and Playlists

- Adjust precisely Colors, positions via the "rutabagaskin.css" file

-Edit "Rutabaga-options.xsl" with Bloc-Notes and modify :
     .TVID key values and the YAMJ access Path
         <xsl:variable name="TVID-YAMJ">ESC</xsl:variable>
         <xsl:variable name="PATH-YAMJ">file:///opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/HARD_DISK/YAMJ/index.htm</xsl:variable>
     . Define TVID key for direct link to MJB pages
     .Translate messages
     . Display Music file type icons (Set 1=On or 0=Off)

Download latest version for Music JukeBox: 24 March 2009 v1.07

If you modify the skin Take care when installing a new release.
Keep your "Rutabaga-options.xsl" and "Rutabagaskin.css" Files safe and verify if any changes or adds

Rev 1.07
- Lists Pages: Add Pages icons. Could be desactivated with "IconPageDisplay" Set 1=On or 0=Off in Rutabaga-options.xsl  option file
                     Left Panel (Icons, Index, genre) Could be hidden with "Display_LeftPanel" Set 1=On or 0=Off in Rutabaga-options.xsl  option file
- Detail Page : Add style for Play All /Shuffle line (stylePlayAll, ListDetail)
                      Add distinct Class for Artist and Album names (see .css file: styleAlbumdetail, styleAlbumdetailsmall, styleTitledetail, styleTitledetailsmall)
- Add new icon name for Play in Playlist page.

Previous releases
- Correction small display bugs
- Correction of a MJB bug with " ' " character in titles and artists names
- Top alignment of all Images cells in the index page
- Move Icon types to the last column, after time column
- Correction of a skin bug with special characters n titles and artists names
- Correction of a MJB bug with " ' " character in titles and artists names
- Add Text Class for Genre and letters in Index Main (see TdGenreIndex and GenreIndex in RutabagaSin.css)
- Add TVID keys as Default Skin- Display Music file type icons ( , ... ) in detail page. Set 1=On or 0=Off in Rutabaga-options.xsl  option file
- Add Photo playlist when reading in Single, or All/shuffle mode. See "Rutabaga-options.xsl" file.

Tested with MJB 6.4
Rutabaga-options.xsl  option file :
  - Users TVID key for external applications. Direct access link to your other page with a TVID key
Multi CD naming support

Detail page: When End of list next focus is first line

Artist/Decade page:
    - Improve Genres displaying and navigation
    - List navigation
Improve navigation in Index page. When Key Down at last line, next page displayed
Rutabaga-options.xsl  option file :
  - Option to display or not Top of page Icon Menu bar  (0=Off or 1=On)
  - Direct access link to YAMJ or other page with a TVID key
       <xsl:variable name="TVID-YAMJ">ESC</xsl:variable>
       <xsl:variable name="PATH-YAMJ">file:///opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/HARD_DISK/Skins/YAMJ/HD/index.htm</xsl:variable>

  - Define TVID key for direct link to MJB pages

5- Bug correction: Background image not displayed in detail page

TVID Corresponding Key TVID Corresponding Key
PLAY The “PLAY” button RED The "Red" button, where avaliable
PGDN The “PAGE UP” button GREEN The "Green" button, where avaliable
PGDN The “PAGE DOWN” button YELLOW The "Yellow" button, where avaliable
HOME The “HOME” button BLUE The "Blue" button, where avaliable
ESC The “STOP” button TAB The "Tab" button, where avaliable
BACK The “BACK” button USR The "User" button, where avaliable
LEFT The “LEFT” button SETUP The "Setup" button, where avaliable
RIGHT The “RIGHT” button CLEAR The "Clear" or "Delete" button, where avaliable
REPEAT The “REPEAT” button REFRESH The "Refresh" button, where avaliable